Commit 3974137f authored by Oleg Borisenko's avatar Oleg Borisenko
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one more timeout increase

parent fa74c2e6
......@@ -168,14 +168,15 @@ class TapeManager:
self.mountpoint = None"Unmounted tape %s successfully", self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG])
# sleep is needed to make library not busy; it seems that we can not eject tape right after unmount"Sleeping for 210 seconds to get drive responsible")
time.sleep(210)"Sleeping for 300 seconds to get drive responsible")
self.df = 0
empty_slot = self.find_first_empty_magazine_slot()
if not empty_slot:
raise Exception("No available slots in magazine; it's critical to have exactly 35 tapes in magazines!")
if self.drives[0]['full']:
log.error("Eject tape %s from drive to slot %d failed", self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG], empty_slot)
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