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restore daemon

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import argparse
import asyncio
import logging
import psutil
import redis
import signal
import sys
import time
from tapebackup import models
from tapebackup import utils
from pyramid.paster import bootstrap, setup_logging
from sqlalchemy.exc import OperationalError, SQLAlchemyError
log = logging.getLogger("tapebackup_eventloop")
red = redis.Redis()
def restore_copy_process(mountpoint, f, dbsession, loop):
src = mountpoint + "/" + f.file_to_restore.relative_path
if f.file_to_restore.kind == models.DataKind.wgs or f.file_to_restore.kind == models.DataKind.vcf:
dest = f.restore_target.fullpath + "/" + f.file_to_restore.relative_path
dest = f.restore_target.fullpath + "/" + f.restore_target.unique_label + "/" + f.file_to_restore.relative_path
copy_result, checksum = utils.secure_copy2(src, dest, loop)
if checksum == f.file_to_restore.checksum and copy_result == 0:"File %s restored; checksum matched with database", f.file_to_restore.relative_path)
f.status = True
elif copy_result != 0:
log.warning("File % restore failed", f.file_to_restore.relative_path)
log.warning("File % restored; checksum failed", f.file_to_restore.relative_path)
def restore_copy_queue(dbsession, loop):
manager = utils.tapemanager.TapeManager(dbsession)
current_batch = dbsession.query(models.RestoreHistory).join(models.RestoreHistory.file_to_restore)\
.filter(models.RestoreHistory.status == False).order_by(models.FileToBackup.tape_label)
prev_tape_label = ""
for f in current_batch:
target = f.restore_target
cur_tape_label = f.file_to_restore.tape_label
if cur_tape_label != prev_tape_label:
tape = manager.find_tape_by_label(cur_tape_label)
# here we are changing the tape
if manager.get_drive_state() is utils.tapemanager.DriveState.empty:
elif manager.identify_tape() != tape:
restore_copy_process(manager.mountpoint, f, dbsession, loop)
prev_tape_label = cur_tape_label
if manager.get_drive_state() == utils.tapemanager.DriveState.data_tape_inside:
def parse_args(argv):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
......@@ -54,7 +110,9 @@ def main(argv=sys.argv):
while True:
with env['request'].tm:
# returns restore queue by tape and serves the right tape
dbsession = env['request'].dbsession
restore_copy_queue(dbsession, loop)
except SQLAlchemyError as e:
......@@ -76,10 +76,10 @@
{% endfor %}
{% if request.GET.get('labnum') %}
<input type="hidden" name="labnum" value="request.GET.get('labnum')"/>
<input type="hidden" name="labnum" value="{{ request.GET.get('labnum') }}"/>
{% endif %}
{% if request.GET.get('backup_target') %}
<input type="hidden" name="labnum" value="request.GET.get('backup_target')"/>
<input type="hidden" name="backup_target" value="{{ request.GET.get('backup_target') }}"/>
{% endif %}
<button type="submit" class="button">Восстановить попадающее под фильтр на выбранную цель восстановления</button>
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ async def cmd(command):
return exit_code, stdout
def secure_copy2(src, dst, loop):["mkdir", "-p", "-v", os.path.dirname(dst)], capture_output=True, shell=False)
mkdir =["mkdir", "-p", "-v", os.path.dirname(dst)], capture_output=True, shell=False)
md5sum_proc = loop.create_task(cmd("md5sum %s" % src))
rsync_proc = loop.create_task(cmd("rsync --inplace --append-verify --partial -a %s %s" % (src, dst)))
results = loop.run_until_complete(asyncio.gather(md5sum_proc, rsync_proc))
......@@ -305,6 +305,17 @@ class TapeManager:
return tapes[0]
return None
def find_tape_by_label(self, tape_label):
# NOTE: there is a trick: drives have lowest slot numbers in MSL3040 so we actually start from active drive
tapes = self.dbsession.query(models.Tape).filter(models.Tape.label == tape_label).all()
if tapes:
# check that it's really in slot
for i in self.drives + self.magazine + self.mailslot:
if tapes[0].label == i[self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]:
return tapes[0]
return None
def insert_into_drive(self, slot):
......@@ -386,10 +397,15 @@ class TapeManager:
raise Exception("Unexpected tape drive state")
def use_tape(self):
def use_tape(self, restoremode=False):
tape = self.identify_tape()
if tape.state == models.TapeState.finalized:
if tape.state == models.TapeState.finalized and not restoremode:
raise Exception("The tape %s is finalized; you can not use it for backup", tape.label)
elif tape.state == models.TapeState.finalized and restoremode:
if self.mount():
return tape
raise Exception("Can't mount tape for restore")
elif tape.state == models.TapeState.inuse:
# checking consistency of TapeState in database: it should be mounted or mountable
if self.mount():
......@@ -397,7 +413,8 @@ class TapeManager:
raise Exception("The tape is marked as in-use but it is not mounted and failed to mount")
elif tape.state == models.TapeState.unknown or tape.state ==
# try to mount; if failed - then format
if restoremode:
raise Exception("We can't get into this state since we are restoring")
if self.mount():
# this means that db info about tape is outdated; we mount it and mark it ready to use
tape.state = models.TapeState.inuse
......@@ -406,6 +423,8 @@ class TapeManager:
tape.state = models.TapeState.formatted
if tape.state == models.TapeState.formatted:
if restoremode:
raise Exception("We can't get into this state since we are restoring")
tape.state = models.TapeState.inuse
return tape
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