Commit e05467d0 authored by Oleg Borisenko's avatar Oleg Borisenko
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fixed logics for grabbing new tape correctly

parent 537f092d
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ class TapeManager:
def __init__(self, dbsession):
self.changer_device = '/dev/sg4'
self.tape_drive_device = '/dev/sg3'
self.mkltfs_binary = '/usr/local/bin/mkltfs '
self.mkltfs_binary = '/usr/local/bin/mkltfs'
# canonical mount "/usr/local/bin/ltfs /mnt/tape/ -o devname=/dev/sg3"
self.mountpoint = None
self.mountpoint_base = "/srv_mount_dont_go_here/tapes/"
......@@ -57,9 +57,8 @@ class TapeManager:
return label, is_data_tape
def disk_usage(self):
if self.mountcheck():
self.mountpoint = mountpoint = self.mountpoint_base + self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]
if not self.mountcheck():
self.mountpoint = None
self.df = 0
total, used, free = shutil.disk_usage(self.mountpoint)
......@@ -75,17 +74,24 @@ class TapeManager:
self.df = really_free
def mountcheck(self):
self.mountpoint = self.mountpoint_base + self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]
if os.path.ismount(self.mountpoint):
if self.drives[0].get(self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG):
mountpoint = self.mountpoint_base + self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]
self.mountpoint = None
return False
if os.path.ismount(mountpoint):"Tape %s is mounted to %s" % (self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG], mountpoint))
self.mountpoint = mountpoint
return True
self.mountpoint = None
return False
# return true for successful mount, false for unsuccessful
def mount(self):
if self.drive_state != DriveState.data_tape_inside:
raise Exception("Trying to mount without data tape inside")
# NOTE: caution, don't try to have here "self.mountpoint", it's illegal
mountpoint = self.mountpoint_base + self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]
mkdir_completed =["mkdir", "-p", "-v", mountpoint], capture_output=True, shell=False)
if mkdir_completed.returncode != 0:
......@@ -103,7 +109,11 @@ class TapeManager:
def format(self):
if self.drive_state != DriveState.data_tape_inside:
raise Exception("Trying to mount without data tape inside")
mkltfs_completed =[self.mkltfs_binary, self.tape_drive_device], capture_output=True, shell=False)
vol_name = self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]
mkltfs_completed =[self.mkltfs_binary,
'-d', self.tape_drive_device,
'-n', self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG],
'--syslogtrace'], capture_output=True, shell=False)
return True if mkltfs_completed.returncode == 0 else False
def finalize_tape(self):
......@@ -114,7 +124,7 @@ class TapeManager:
# Also checksumming process seems to take more time that rsync itself.
tape = self.identify_tape()
tape.state = models.TapeState.finalized
pathlib.touch(self.mountpoint + "/finalized.txt")
pathlib.Path(self.mountpoint + "/finalized.txt").touch()"Finalized")
self.eject_current_tape_to_empty_magazine_slot()"Ejected to magazine")
......@@ -146,8 +156,8 @@ class TapeManager:
# tape rotation mechanism
def eject_current_tape_to_empty_magazine_slot(self):
if self.mountcheck():
mountpoint = "/srv_mount_dont_go_here/tapes/" + self.drives[0][self.PRIMARY_VOLUME_TAG]
umount_completed =[self.umount_command, mountpoint], capture_output=True, shell=False)"Tape is mounted; need to unmount first")
umount_completed =[self.umount_command, self.mountpoint], capture_output=True, shell=False)
if umount_completed.returncode:
raise Exception("Failed to unmount => can not move tape. Try again when tape is not used.")
......@@ -159,6 +169,7 @@ class TapeManager:
raise Exception("No available slots in magazine; it's critical to have exactly 35 tapes in magazines!")
# Scan for data tape slots
def scan_drives(self, device, element_address_assignment):
......@@ -285,6 +296,8 @@ class TapeManager:"Tape is already in drive")
device = SCSI(init_device(self.changer_device))
if self.drives[0]['full']:
device.movemedium(self.robot[0]['element_address'], slot, self.drives[0]['element_address'])"Moving tape from slot %d to drive", slot)
......@@ -296,6 +309,7 @@ class TapeManager:
raise Exception("Drive is empty; nothing to eject.")
# umount is **obligatory**, otherwise it hangs to death
movemedium = device.movemedium(self.robot[0]['element_address'], self.drives[0]['element_address'], slot)"Moved tape from %d to slot %d", self.drives[0]['element_address'], slot)
return movemedium
def get_drive_state(self):
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