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Update snapshot-controller repository and image versions (#7957)

parent a7b56a61
......@@ -694,11 +694,11 @@ csi_livenessprobe_image_repo: "{{ quay_image_repo }}/k8scsi/livenessprobe"
csi_livenessprobe_image_tag: "v2.0.0"
v1.22: "v4.2.0"
v1.21: "v4.2.0"
v1.20: "v4.2.0"
v1.22: "v4.2.1"
v1.21: "v4.2.1"
v1.20: "v4.0.0"
v1.19: "v4.0.0"
snapshot_controller_image_repo: "{{ quay_image_repo }}/k8scsi/snapshot-controller"
snapshot_controller_image_repo: "{{ kube_image_repo }}/sig-storage/snapshot-controller"
snapshot_controller_image_tag: "{{ snapshot_controller_supported_versions[kube_major_version] }}"
cinder_csi_plugin_image_repo: "{{ docker_image_repo }}/k8scloudprovider/cinder-csi-plugin"
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