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# Ruby wrapper for [ISPRAS API](
## Installation
It's simple gem, so ```gem install ispras-api``` and adding ```gem 'ipras-api'``` should work.
## Usage
Currently wraps *texterra* and *twitter-nlp* services, so apikey for any of those is needed
Code should look similar to this:
require 'ispras-api'
texterra = 'APIKEY'
text = 'Apple today updated iMac to bring numerous high-performance enhancements to the leading all-in-one desktop.'
key_concepts = texterra.key_concepts text
puts key_concepts[0]
# > {:id=>"21492980", :kbname=>"enwiki", :title=>"IMac", :weight=>"0.35956284403800964"}
wiki_url = texterra.get_attributes('21492980:enwiki', 'url(en)')[:elements][:object][:attributes][:i_attribute][:url]
# > ""
Don't forget to check [REST documentation](
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